Willie Mostert

12:15 > Innovative Satellite Distribution Solutions

–Satellite distribution, the beginning

–Challenges in a developing market

–Always finding the right solution

Technical Manager – Space TV

Willie Mostert, Technical Manager at Space Television, has more than 25 years of experience in the Television reception and distribution industry. After studying Electrical Engineering (LC) at Technikon Pretoria he joined a large television rental company and quickly developed his love for technology and solution building. During his long spanning career Willie has worked in different sectors of the industry, gaining experience in network design, product development and solution architecture.

Faced with the every day challenges of the African market, Willie uses his experinece to assit developers, engineers and tecnicians in finding solutions for often chalanging projects. Focusing on the upliftment of industry standards, he conducts regular training courses, giving installers and other industry role players, the opportunity to enhance their knowledge base, and exposing them to the latest technology and solutions available. Driven by his passion for the industry, Willie is constantly researching new products and solutions to ensure that the best solutions to suit the developing market in African is made available to the industry.