15:10> WiFi as a network – Bruce Pitso – (Ruckus)

  • All Platforms require WiFi
  • Vo-Fi
  • Number of devices on the continent

Regional sales manager

Biography: Bruce Pitso, regional sales manager at Ruckus Wireless South Africa

Bruce Pitso is currently the sales manager for Ruckus Wireless South Africa, a position he assumed in August 2014. In this role, Bruce is responsible for driving regional objectives including; achieving regional sales and profitability goals as well as ensuring customer satisfaction within the South Africa region.

Bruce brings with him over 16 years of experience in the IT Sector – as well as a technical background, having worked at Telkom as an Exchange Technician and Field Co-ordinator. Bruce also spent 4 years at Microsoft – working in various positions from the Telesales team to the core mid-market and finally to Account Manager for Public Sector in the Enterprise Partner Group.

Prior to joining Ruckus, Bruce worked at Avaya as the Public Sector lead – where he was responsible for the business’ tactic and strategic approach to engaging the market. Bruce joined Avaya, following two years at Cisco as a Senior Account Manager with a focus on special projects.

Bruce is currently studying at UNISA SBL – doing a Management Development Programme course. He has also enrolled with the Harvard Mentor Online course in writing and strategy.