Laurent Petit

AfricaCom 2016 Cape Town

AfricaCom over the past nineteen years has developed into the biggest and most visited technology event in Africa.

It’s positioned itself as both a means for developing businesses throughout Africa and a mechanism for digital and technology transformation, economic development and community upliftment.

SES Speaks at AfricaCom 2016:

While always maintaining a strong contingent of representatives at the SES Africa stand, this year SES Africa also brought the knowledge and experience of representatives from across the planet to bare on AfricaCom 2016.

This year’s keynote speakers included Head of Africa, Commercial: Laurent Petit, who spoke about SES  position in Africa and how the leading satellite utility operator planned to connect the unconnected in developing nations and communities throughout the continent.

Some of the largest barriers mentioned on the vision for Africa panel included Governmental involvement in infrastructure development and the partnership with companies like SES Africa to implement those connectivity measures.

Stephane Goebel , Head of Sales and Services in Africa and the Middle East, , discussed how SES Africa assures optimal video quality across regions in Africa and SES’ work in the video;Video services such as Mobility+ and its related Plus services, which are rolling out across the continent.

Senior Product Manager; Antonio Bove’s keynote, discussed how satellite connectivity was enabling the development of communities in Africa and the shift into Africa’s digital economy.

A digital economy that SES Africa and its subsidiaries in MX1 and O3B are instrumental at creating in Africa and Europe.

The African Digital Economy:

Collectively, SES Africa led the conversation toward the digitisation of Africa’s broadcast infrastructure and the development of an African digital economy and commerce. The tone of the challenges faced throughout Africa hinted at the ongoing need for both international support and collaboration with local and national governments in developing regions and communities in Africa.

Laurent Petit, Head of SES Africa, discussed some of SES Africa’s broader goals and position in a recent CNBC Africa interview here:

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