Inspiring the industry

Published on: Nov 18, 2016

SES’ Industry Days 2016 event shaped the future of Africa’s satellite telecommunications industry.

The event, which was hosted in Cape Town, South Africa, brought together over 190 industry leaders who worked together to foster business relationships and create a shared vision for connectivity and communications in Africa.

Keynote speakers from the technology, media and business sectors shared their thought-leading insight into what the satellite telecommunications industry can expect in 2017 and beyond.

Notably, Michael Jordaan, former CEO of First National Bank South Africa and founder of Venture Capital, discussed the development of mobile applications activity, especially in the banking sector. He encouraged industry role players to work with governments to overcome the challenges posed by the high cost and limited supply of data in Africa.


Craig Wilson, editor of Stuff magazine in South Africa, addressed the need to create specifically African digital content for a growing African audience. He advised content creators and distributors to privilege content with an African context over foreign content. Wilson also called for the integration of UHD and 4K content in Africa.

Industry Days 2016 equipped role players across the satellite telecommunications industry with invaluable knowledge of what the future holds for the sector.

SES, an industry thought leader, looks forward to achieving even more progress in connectivity and communications in Africa.

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