SES Continues to Lead in Video Broadcasting Services

SES’ quarter three figures show that the company remains at the forefront of high-quality video broadcasting services. SES now carries 7 317 TV channels, including 2 434 HDTV and 17 commercial UHD channels.

The company’s all-important backlog increased to €8 billion from €7.1 billion last year. SES’ growth this quarter was boosted by newly-consolidated RR Media and the satellite constellation O3b, worth €100 million and €300 million respectively.

Video services remain the backbone of SES’ business, representing 69% of revenue (up from 66% in 2015). In total, video delivered €1.027 billion in revenue.

With growth in video and advancements in mobility, the quarter three figures are the highest posted this year. At the same time, Enterprise and Government quarterly revenue has stabilised, and Government backlog has grown.

To consolidate the company’s strong broadcast offering and boost broadband capability, SES will launch six satellites by the end of 2017.

SES now has a good foundation to work from to deliver sustainable long-term growth. For more information on video services, click here.

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