NexTV CEO Africa: A Platform for leadership

The recent NexTV CEO Africa Event, hosted in Mauritius, brought together the English speaking and French speaking markets of Sub Saharan Africa.

The purpose of the event was for technology and communications stakeholders to build strategic networks and discuss industry issues in order to innovate and advance the online, communications and technology industries of Sub Saharan Africa.

The two-day event also hosted some of the world’s most renowned companies and thought leaders, including Faith Muthambi, the Minister of Communications of South Africa, Mohamed Razik Zaghlouli Zaroual, Sales and Digital Media Manager of Oracle, and Hervé Cloarec, Vice President of Sales Operations in Africa of SES.

The entire NexTV CEO Africa event provided industry stakeholders with a platform and opportunity to gain new insight into their industries and find answers to wide-spread developments in the television industry, such as on-demand services, the second screen shift, and OTT Services.

Understanding emerging technologies and services will ensure that role players will be able to adopt and adapt quickly without a drop in the quality of their business, and also generate the means to reduce the cost of upgrades in the long term.

As an industry leader, SES Africa represented a segment of the satellite broadcast, communications and connectivity sector, maintaining its competitive edge over the market and ensuring that the insights gained from such an event could be translated to client satisfaction and superior quality of all broadcast and connectivity services.

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