SES to boost satellite fleet

Published on: Aug 11, 2016



SES will invest in additional satellites for the O3b Networks medium-Earth-orbit constellation as well as in a global Ka-band mobile broadband constellation in geostationary orbit.

With €1.47 billion available to spend on satellites, SES aims to provide a higher-throughput broadband system than what is currently offered by competitors.

The recent acquisition of O3b has already bolstered SES’s fleet, and SES Chief Executive Karim Michael Sabbagh has said that no other satellite service provider has assets to match the 12-satellite O3b. These satellites, which operate in equatorial orbit, deliver high-throughput, low-latency Ka-band connectivity to, among others, remote islands, maritime companies, and offshore energy producers.

O3b complements SES’s Mobility, which offers maritime and aeronautical customers connectivity, and has already boosted SES maritime revenue by 78% since 2015. SES is very successful in the aeronautical in-flight entertainment and connectivity sectors, and will use the O3b asset to consolidate this success as it builds more satellite capacity.

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