SES reaches 2.81 million Nigerian homes

Published on: Jun 21, 2016

Results of the Satellite Monitor study in Nigeria reveal that SES now reaches 2.81 million TV homes in the country. The study indicates that, with a 22% market share, SES plays an important part in accelerating digital broadcasting in Nigeria by facilitating satellite growth and accessibility.

“SES is committed to helping economic and sustainable growth in Nigeria and accelerate the Digital Switch Over Process in the region,” said Eric Lecocq, General Manager of North, West and Central Africa at SES. He continued, “We aim to connect the entire Nigerian population with our satellites by commonly developing the broadcasting landscape in partnership with our local partners and in close coordination with broadcasters.”

The results of the Satellite Monitor study reveal that there are 8.98 million satellite TV homes in Nigeria, which equates to a 27% market share. SES will analyse the results of the study to develop ways to further grow satellite television reach in Nigeria. According to Lecocq, “We conducted the study because we saw a gap and need for such information to be available and easily accessible in the country”. The study will be conducted every year, and Lecocq said that “Going forward with this annual research will enable us to also start monitoring trends in the market.”

This is the first time that the Satellite Monitor study has been conducted in Nigeria. SES commissioned the market research study, which is conducted by various independent institutes, in Europe over 20 years ago and is now successfully replicating it in Africa. The Satellite Monitor study is the first of its kind to be implemented in a market where digitisation is a key focus and national priority.

To find out more about the Satellite Monitor study, contact SES.

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