SES sets out Vision

Published on: Jun 8, 2016

SES’ recent acquisition to gain the controlling stake in O3b Networks is testament to the company’s goal to expand its reach and portfolio. This acquisition again highlights that SES aims to offer customers scalable, flexible, differentiated solutions as well as being able to augment current data-centric applications.

The decision to acquire the controlling stake of O3b Networks is a result of SES having met the following conditions:

  • The ability to secure financing of an additional fleet of eight satellites that are currently under construction
  • Having a secure customer base which proves customer viability
  • Meeting financial criteria that is indicative of our economic performance and the sustainability of our business and;
  • Possessing a fully functional fleet in both the technical and regulatory sense

SES sees the satellite industry enabling seamless video delivery on a converged hybrid system. Seamless connectivity that brings linear and non-linear together is the anticipated future of the video market. Truly seamless connectivity can only be delivered through a hybrid video solution that will benefit the entire market. This is because firstly the video experience will be democratized, as it will be equally relevant to someone regardless of whether a person is six or 60 years old. Second, there will be more options to distribute content in an optimised and efficient manner. This is from both a cost and an experience standpoint.

SES is not looking at building a single powerful satellite in order to boast that we have a 1 terabyte (TB) satellite – what keeps us awake is thinking about the best manner to customize payloads in order to serve applications. We have to keep pushing the envelope in terms of technology. We need to create an adaptive network that allows for higher throughputs, lower cost per bit, the ability to scale up and customize efficiently – this is the tall agenda that we are pushing.

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