Saving lives with connectivity


Published on: May 6, 2016

Last week our satellite-based e-health platform: SATMED, was launched at the CURE Hospital for Children in Niger. It is our hope, that this communications and connectivity platform will enhance healthcare in rural and remote regions in Niger.

This satellite-based communication solution aims to work with local health organisations in developing countries by enabling multiple medical applications to operate collectively on a single platform.

SATMED will connect CURE Niger to doctors and specialists from across the world to receive medical counselling, provide remote diagnosis and open a channel for local doctors and nurses to improve their knowledge through online courses or live sessions.

Lives can be saved through easy access to this wealth of knowledge via the Internet.

Josh Korn, Executive Director at CURE Niger said, “CURE International is proud to partner with SES and the government of Luxembourg on this important initiative, which will help bring access to healthcare closer to those who live in remote areas of Niger.”

The CURE Hospital for Children in Niger specializes in the surgical treatment of children with disabilities. These children suffer from a variety of different orthopedic and congenital conditions, such as clubfoot, cleft lip and burn contractures. Since the hospital opened in October 2010, over 3,000 life-changing surgeries and over 10,000 patient consultations have been performed, both at the hospital and in mobile clinics throughout the country. The SATMED installation will allow this work to continue and expand throughout the continent.

Senior Vice President of SES Commercial Africa, Ibrahima Guimba-Saidou highlighted SES’ vision for SATMED, “We are very pleased with the way SATMED is overcoming the barriers often faced in deployment of health services across Africa, where terrestrial infrastructures may be lacking or even non-existent. By combining state-of-the-art satellite connectivity and cloud computing, patients at CURE Niger are now able to be remotely diagnosed by medical experts thousands of miles away. Thanks to satellite technology, we’re now in a position to assist in improving both the speed and quality of healthcare services in rural and remote regions, contributing to change on a much wider scale.”

The SATMED e-health platform was conceived by SES Techcom Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of SES, and is funded by the Luxembourg Government and the Ministry for Cooperation and Humanitarian Action.

For more information on SATMED or SES Africa, contact us here.

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