Maritime Communications Technology: SES Connecting the Oceans

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

What is Maritime Communications Technology?

Maritime communications technology provides stable and affordable communications between vessels at sea and on-land.

Maritime business has an increasing need for real time data that enables broad-based surveillance and monitoring. These services can be used by both commercial and leisure shipping markets and typically include: voice, video and data services that are transmitted via a satellite network and are broadcasted or directed to a vessel or fleet of vessels.

SES’ satellite network maintains extensive coverage throughout numerous ocean regions, with an increasing number of beams continuously added to our network – enabling us to develop solutions that are specifically designed to serve the maritime industry.

SES Maritime Technology

The SES Maritime offering is designed to meet the demands of both commercial and leisure shipping by offering low cost satellite broadband connectivity.
Services offered by SES’s Maritime Solutions include but are not limited to:

• On and Off shore communications links
• Reliable and secure connectivity
• Global and regional support of vessels anywhere in the world.

For more information on SES’s maritime work and satellite communication solutions, contact us here.

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