Daryl Haw

The Mining Indaba

Published on: Feb 16, 2016

Why do we have the Mining Indaba?

The purpose of the world’s largest mining conference is to bring together the world’s leaders in mining, drilling, extraction, processing and communications and technology in once place, to build the industry and reinvest in more efficient technologies.

Satellites Across Africa

One of these technologies is satellite connectivity; it remains one of the only methods available to mining companies to interconnect both mining sites with administration headquarters in any territory.

Due to the scattered nature of Africa’s mining operations, satellites offer a short lead-time, removing the need for costly land based infrastructure. It is only within satellite communications, that efficient and cost effective operations can be achieved.

One of the primary discussion points with industry leaders at the Mining Indaba was how this form of communications could be integrated into current operations.

Mining Infrastructure

Speaking about this technology was, Daryl Haw, who discussed the impact of broadband technologies in the mining sector: “More than three billion people don’t have access to connectivity, making connectivity the most powerful enabler for industry disruption.”

Daryl Haw
“In the mining sphere, communications is essential for reach back applications and mine site communications, satellite is the only practical way to provide communications for a remote site anywhere on the earth’s surface.”

SES Broadband is a satellite based broadband solution geared perfectly for Africa’s mining operations, with the ability to provide Internet connectivity anywhere. SES Africa is here for the good of Africa, and with our partners in the mining sector, developing economies across the continent.

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