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Elevate Training in Dakar, Senegal

Published on: Feb 12, 2016

The Elevate program began in 2012, but was reworked in 2013, to include a technical session as well as an updated curriculum.

The new training program would provide trainees with a full set of skills, including marketing skills and tools. Trainees would be more than just installers, they would have the ability to be productive business owners.

Elevate is not just a technical training program, but an advancement program to help graduates setup their own businesses.

On the second day of training in this two day course, trainees are required to perform practice scenarios: setting up an installation, fault find, customer service and a STB demonstration.

In Senegal, we initiated a partnership with ESMT: Multinational School of Telecommunications, the leading telecommunications school in West Africa.

In partnering with them, we are able to provide valuable skills as well as engage with the youth across West Africa. The elevate program is also about growing connectivity and communication across Africa, and during the training, we demonstrated this by using translators to assist in educating students where the language barrier was a challenge.


Train The Trainer

As of 2013, our partnership with ESMT also included setting up a Train-the-trainer course. SES trained 10 ESMT trainers, who would go on to teach Installers across Africa.

The Train-the-trainer model has worked well, as these trainers helped us to train a further 170 in Niger and will continue to assist SES in growing the installer program across Africa.

Today, those trainers continue to work with SES throughout Western Africa to train further installers.

For more information on how to get in touch with an Elevate representative, contact us here
SES Elevate Training

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